Thank You Cards

A better way to say thanks.

  • Size: 13.9 x 10.7 cm (Flat & Folded)
  • Available in Premium Matte and Premium Glossy
  • Flat & Folded Options
  • Envelopes available 
Cash on Delivery available
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13.9 x 10.7 cm
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Premium glossy
Premium matte
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Personalized thank you cards: a thoughtful way to show appreciation.

Some gestures are small but leave a long-lasting impression just like giving thank you cards. The more personal you make it, the stronger the impact will be. Discover personalized thank you cards for different events from birthdaysbaby showerweddings, graduations, customers, parents, and colleagues - each fully customizable to include photos, custom text and more. 

Retail brands or businesses also give away thank you cards for shopping to customers to show that they appreciate them. This gesture not only cultivates good business relationships but also gives an edge over other business competitors. At Vistaprint, you can choose from our professionally rel="noopener noreferrer" designed photo thank you cards for different business occasions.

Online designing and printing of Gratitude cards is convenient on Vistaprint. With easy to customize service, you can start designing your gratitude card in minutes. Start by choosing the fold, shape or cardstock option that you prefer. Next, you can explore templates from the thank you cards design gallery or upload your complete design. You can add whatever text you want on the front, inside and back of the card. Once you have finished designing, you can preview and place the order. Finally, sit back and relax while we print thank you cards.

Want to add a special touch? Use envelope stickersand matching envelopes to add a little fun and make your cards stand out in the mail.

FAQ– Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What paper stock do you provide for my gratitude card?

A: There are two types of paper stock available for thank you cards – first, premium glossy (350 gsm) which is a light-catching gloss and complements vivid designs; second, premium matte (350 gsm) which gives a smooth feel and has a sharp and distinctive printing output.

Q: What is the size of the thanks card?

A: The size of our thank you cards is 13.9 x 10.7 cm.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum quantity I can order my thank you cards?

A: The minimum thank you cards you can order are 20 and the maximum are 1000 cards.

Q: Can I order a custom sized thank you card?

A: No, not as of now.

Q: Are envelopes included with the custom thank you notes?

A: Envelopes are available as an add-on item at checkout. You will be able to choose white or custom envelopes which are chargeable.

Q: Can I upload a design or image to the inside or back of my personalized thank you cards?

A: Yes, you can customize the front, inside and back of your thank you cards.

Q: How long after a celebration or event should I send printed thank you cards?

A: It’s always best to send your cards within two weeks’ time of the event. And if you’re a little late with your cards, it’s okay, a late card is always better than no card.

Q: What can I write inside my photo thank you card?

A: We recommend starting your note by addressing the recipient. Then, talk about the gift or gesture specifically and what it meant to you and wrap up with warm words about the person. Remember to be authentic and try to stay away from generic lines and quotes.

Q: What should I write inside a business thank you card?

A: When writing a business thank you note for customers and clients, use a concise sentence expressing your gratitude for their patronage. Once you’ve printed your cards, add the recipient’s name by hand to give your cards a more personal touch. 

Q: Can I write with a fountain pen on glossy thank you cards?

A. No. If you have to write inside a Thankyou card, then premium matte (350 gsm) is recommended

Q: Which finish is recommended if I want to personally write a text on the thank you cards?

A: Premium matte (350 gsm) is recommended

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As we follow Global Sourcing, one product is likely to have a different country of origin depending on the batch sold.


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