Add a professional touch to every communication with custom-printed envelopes.
  • Acid-free smooth, matte, bright white 90 gsm paper
  • Standard sizes from 146 x 110 mm to 229 x 162 mm
  • Pre-printed address / return address option
  • Matching designs for most postcard and wedding templates are available
Cash on Delivery available
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190 x 120 mm
#10 (241 x 105 mm)
146 x 110 mm
C5 (229 x 162 mm)
DL (220 x 110mm)
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Choose security tint
No Security Tint - Blank
Pattern Security Tint
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Make your mail and invites stand out with custom-printed envelopes.

Envelopes, in which you send your important letters, invoices, or any other correspondence need to look professional and be of high quality. Envelope designs play a crucial role in making the desired impression and you can choose from a wide range of designs. We bring you only the highest quality envelope printing technology to conduct all your correspondence in the best way. 

We have an exclusive security tint option that can safeguard critical information from prying eyes. You can also pre-print your self-addressed envelopes, get matching return address labels or personalized stamps to save time when mailing cards, bills and more. 

We also provide Shagun envelopes, wedding envelopes and gift envelopes with matching Invitationsand envelope seals that are popular amongst our customers. You can print your favourite colours or themes on letter envelopes to set the mood for your event. 

Ready to create? Start by browsing our assortment of fully customisable designs. Once you’ve found a favourite, make it yours by adding custom touches and choosing the options that work best for you. After that, we’ll take care of the rest – professionally printing and shipping your order. Your custom creation will arrive looking crisp, polished and ready to show off. 

Note - For dark & bright coloured images at envelopes border there can be minor colour peel off at folding edges.


Q: What quality paper do you use?

A: We use smooth, matte, bright white 90 gsm paper, with an option to add Security Pattern.

Q: What are the envelope sealing options?

A: We provide a convenient, mess-free and peel off the back of the self-sticking adhesive. Press firmly and you are done.

Q: What is a Security Tint?

A: A security tint is an option that protects information on confidential letters or documents from prying eyes.

Q: What envelope sizes do you ]offer?

A: We currently offer 5 sizes
146 x 110 mm (5.75 x 4.3 in): Perfect for note cards, invitations and greeting cards.
190 x 120 mm (7.5 x 4.7 in): Perfect for business note cards, invitations and greetings.
220 x 110 mm (8.6 x 4.3 in): DL Size, Perfect for business letters, sending cheques and gifting cash. Designed to fit an A4 paper folded into thirds.
229 x 162 mm (9 x 6.4 in): C5 Size, Perfect for oversized postcards and business folded cards. Designed to fit an A4 paper folded in half, or A5 paper unfolded.
241 x 105 mm (9.5 x 4.1 in): #10 Size

Q: Do you have any design tips ?

A: We recommend the following –

  • When uploading your artwork, make sure it covers the entire design area. Don't stop at the safety line.  
  • As you keep designing, keep reviewing your text in preview and make sure your font size and type face are easy to read.
  • Make sure to use contrasting text and background colors. Don't use a dark color font on a dark colored designs. Same applies for light fonts on light colored designs.
  • Review your design for any typos or address errors before placing the order.

Q: Can I get a blank envelope, or do you only offer custom options?

A: Yes, you can order blank envelopes. First, you need to choose the ‘Upload your design’ option from the gallery. Next, you can delete the background image by selecting it and clicking on the delete icon. Repeat this step for the backside as well, and the Envelope will appear completely blank.

Q: Can I print on both sides of custom envelopes?

A: Yes. Our custom envelopes feature all-over printing options - you can design as much (or as little) of the envelope as you'd like.

Q: Can I get a custom envelope that matches my wedding cards?

A. Yes. Most of our wedding invitations offer matching envelope designs.

Q: Can I add variable names to my envelopes?

A: No, we currently don't offer that feature.

Q: Can I add a return address option?

A:Yes, you can! Design template options are available for placement at the back.

Q: What is the minimum quantity that can be ordered?

A: You can order minimum 10 envelopes.

Q: Do you offer custom window envelopes?

A: No, we currently don't offer that feature

Q:  Are vertical envelopes available?

A: Not as of now. We only provide horizontal envelopes.

Q: Do you offer custom sized envelopes?

A: No, not as of now.

Q: Do you provide money envelopes?

A: We do not have specific size envelope for sending money, but the closest matching size is 192mmx120mm. 


Vistaprint India customizes all its products in facilities located within India. Some of our raw materials, intermediate components, and consumables used in the manufacturing of the final product could be from one or more countries. 

As we follow Global Sourcing, one product is likely to have a different country of origin depending on the batch sold.


Country of origin: India

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