Aluminium Signs

Display names, logos and more with metallic signages.

  • Durable coated white aluminium sign available in 4 sizes
  • 2 sheets of rustproof aluminium, over a solid thermoplastic core
  • 4 mm thick panel with 0.4 mm aluminium layer thickness
  • Sharp, fade-resistant printing – for indoor or outdoor use

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Drill Holes
Coated white aluminium
200 x 80 mm
150 x 150 mm
200 x 130 mm
400 x 300 mm
Price ₹ 190.00 ...

Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Versatile and fade-resistant aluminium sign boards

From retailers to offices or even building exteriors, our metal signs are perfect for your indoor and outdoor space. You can add your company name and logo, store hours, directions, parking garage information and more. Whether you are looking for a modern or a traditional look for your signage, we can help you achieve that with personalised metal signs.

Our metallic signages are durable, rustproof, and made of aluminium coating that makes them ideal for outdoor usage. Moreover, an Aluminium sign is lighter than a steel sign which makes it easier to handle and set up.

You can create your personalised metal signs on Vistaprint easily using our metal sign maker. First, you need to select your preferred size from the provided options. Next, select the orientation your signage text or image will be printed – horizontal or vertical. Finally, using our design studio you can add any text, image, logo or shape you want on the metal signboard. Once you finished designing, you can preview and place the order.

Design Tips

Follow these tips to make your metal sign look polished and professional.

Place text away from the design’s edges and use a 20-point font size or more.
Use light-colored text on a dark background and dark text on a light background.
Make sure your images are clear, vibrant and have a resolution of 300 dpi.
Remove the white background from your logo – or use the tool in our design studio.

Setup options for your custom metal sign:

  • Drill through and attach to posts with nuts and bolts.
  • Use screws with washers to mount on wood or concrete.

FAQ– Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the size options available for metallic sign boards?

A: The metallic sign boards are available in four sizes – 200 x 80 mm, 150 x 150 mm, 200 x 130 mm and 400 x 300 mm. These can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Q: What is the thickness of my metallic sign board?

A: Our metallic sign board consists of a 4 mm thick panel with 0.4 mm thick aluminium layer and two sheets of rustproof aluminium over a solid thermoplastic core.

Q: How will my metallic signage be printed?

A: Metal signs are printed using  latex four colour printing technology.

Q: Can I print on both sides?

A: At the moment, we only have single-sided printing.

Q: Can I order a custom size?

A: Sorry, we don't offer custom sizes at the moment.

Q: Is there a protective layer at the back?

A: Our coated aluminium signs come with a protective plastic layer on the back. 

Q: Will my design be printed on the sign, or on a sticker that goes on the sign?

A: It is printed on a sticker using high-quality sticker printing and stuck on the aluminium sign using a technology that ensures that there is no peeling especially at the corners of the sign.

Q: Is the product going to be of the exact dimensions as mentioned above?

A: The dimensions are going to be exact, however there is a tolerance level of ± 5mm.

Q: How much do the coated aluminium signs weigh?

AThe weight varies as per the size. Please find the weight for each below:
     150 x 150 mm: 120 grams
     200 x 130 mm: 140 grams
     200 x 80 mm: 80grams
     400 x 300 mm: 640 grams

Q: Will my design be printed on the aluminium sign, or on a decal that goes on the sign?

A: We print directly on the sign, using UV ink. 

Q: How can we clean the product?

A: You can easily clean aluminium coated sign using lint free cloth with little soapy water.

Q: Can we drill the product at our end?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Is this waterpoof /water resistant?

A: Our metal signs are water-resistant.

Q: How to hang this product?

A: Our Aluminium coated signs don’t come with pre-drilled holes.  To hang them, you can either drill holes in the edges and fasten them with screws or use a wall clamp or stick them using high quality two-sided adhesive tape.

Additional Information

Generic Name Aluminium Signs
Product Dimensions (l*w*h) 200 x 80 mm: 20 cm x 8 cm x 0.4 cm
150 x 150 mm: 15 cm x 15 cm x 0.4 cm
200 x 130 mm: 20 cm x 13 cm x 0.4 cm
400 x 300 mm: 40 cm x 30 cm x 0.4 cm
Package Dimensions (l*w*h) 200 x 80 mm: 23.3 cm x 23.3 cm x 3 cm
150 x 150 mm: 15.8 cm x 15.8 cm x 2 cm
200 x 130 mm: 23.3 cm x 23.3 cm x 3 cm
400 x 300 mm: 41.5 cm x 32.4 cm x 3.5 cm
Item Weight 200 x 80 mm: 72 g
150 x 150 mm: 117 g
200 x 130 mm: 118 g
400 x 300 mm: 506 g






2 sheets of rustproof aluminium, over a solid thermoplastic core

Name and Address of the Manufacturer

Cimpress India Private Limited, c/o Renaissance Infrastructure, Building B III, Vashere, Bhiwandi, Thane 421 302. Maharashtra. India.
Name and Address of the Packer Cimpress India Private Limited, c/o Renaissance Infrastructure, Building B III, Vashere, Bhiwandi, Thane 421 302. Maharashtra. India.

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Registered Office and Branch Locations

Mumbai, Thane (Vashere), Bangalore, Ahmedabad

Legal Name of Entity

Cimpress India Private Limited

Vistaprint India customizes all its products in facilities located within India. Some of our raw materials, intermediate components, and consumables used in the manufacturing of the final product could be from one or more countries. 

As we follow Global Sourcing, one product is likely to have a different country of origin depending on the batch sold.

Country of Origin: India


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